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New Testament Expositions based on the MacArthur Study Bible
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  The Research Center is designed to provide a central location to sources of information for biblical study and research in several areas of biblical study and also expose the origins and methods of the emerging anti-Christian and one world  government.  It is intended for Christians and non-Christians alike. Our hope is that the reader will find the resources to help in building their faith (or come to faith) in our Lord Jesus Christ and to see that the events unfolding today are in fact a fulfillment of Bible prophecy and we are nearing the close of what is referred to as "the time of the Gentiles".   In short, it is our intent to bring to light the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The idea is to provide a place where the scriptures are readily accessible, as information about our Historical  and Present age is reviewed.  We do not necessarily endorse the teaching of many links found here, but we do believe that there is an absolute, objective truth, that is of God. Some issues, such as election, rapture, dispensationalist, etc. are non-salvation issues and are left open for discussion. We DO, however, believe that the Blood of Jesus is the only way to salvation and it's only by God's Grace.  Please read our doctrinal statement. (Click Here)
Some of the links on this page are not Christian by any means. In fact quite the contrary, there are links here that will present you with some very disturbing information.  We are aware that a web site like this will undoubtedly stir up controversy, however, we feel  we should be aware of the mischief that the enemy, the Devil, is up to...

Some of these sites may be disturbing to some viewers...


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