Demonic & Occult Symbols 

Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated
 by Cathy Burns

We at Highly recommend this book for your own library and research.  Most of the images on the next few pages come from this book.  We cannot use all the symbols because one, there are just too many of them and two, we are probably on the edge of copyright infringement anyway, but, we feel that it is important enough to post some of the most obvious symbols and a brief explanation of the symbol.  So unless we are asked to remove these pages, they will stay up.  But please support the author of this book by clicking on the book and purchasing your own copy.

This symbol is most recognized for the German Nazi symbol.  In all actuality, Hitler was deeply involved in the occult and adopted this symbol from "the Hammer of Thor" of the mythology of the Norse nations.  It is also from the Hinduism belief system. 

Hand sign of Horns
This sign is A Wiccan sign for receiving power from the Goddess.  Also, the "horns" are a representation of the beast of Satan or the Devil salute. This sign is a very popular sign used at rock concerts.

Moon Salute
This is a sign used by witches to salute the rising moon.  Lots of surfers seem to use this sign.

This symbol is the Celtic version of the Yin/Yang symbol.  Celtic Goddesses typically showed three faces.  Notice that he reverse of this symbol is 666.

Tri-Lateral Commission
This symbol is a modified version of the Triscele.  
Notice the apparent "666"  Click Here

Aquarian Star
This symbol's function is to connect earth-plane consciousness to the infinite universal mind.  It was designed by Satanist and 33 degree Mason, Aleister Crowley


Skull and Bones
This is the symbol of the secret society of the Skull and Bones.  Former President, George Bush, is a member of this secret society.  

Four Elements Symbol
A Symbol in witchcraft symbolizing "Earth, Water, Fire and Air"


The number for symbolizing the Mark of the Beast.  
See Revelation 13

This is also a symbol for 666.  
The letter "F" is the 6th letter of the alphabet. 



999 is also sometimes used as a satanic symbol.  
An upside down 666.

Upside Down Cross
Symbolizes the rejection of Jesus and his sacrifice on the cross for sin.. Worn by many Satanist's. Also, many heavy metal rock bands use this symbol on their album covers

Rosae Crucis Cross
This is a very old mystical symbol with many occultic symbols on it.  Notice the pentagrams.

Italian Horn or Leprechaun staff.
Introduced of Scotland and Ireland and was used as the instrument of the druids for castrating animals and humans.  Satanist priests wear this emblem for prosperity.

There are many, many more symbols and some that you see everyday without realizing the satanic and occultism meanings behind them.  Many businesses and company's have these symbols mixed into there logos.  Are they ignorant of what they are doing or do they know what they are doing?
Please get the book and find out more for yourself.


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